Wednesday, March 4, 2009

before and after

Before the paint
After the paint

Before the new tub/shower and paint

After the new shower and paint

We are living in the feed lot house.  It is a moving in mess, but it is painted and cleaned up.  We still have some touch up to do, but it will get done. :)  The girls have adjusted to their new home.  I have not, but that's okay:)  We are truly enjoying life here.  We have been blessed with new friendships, quality time together, the beauty of God's creation, and as always the hope of the gospel.  

Last night we took the girls down to the lake to throw rocks:)  The sunset was beautiful on the lake and we had a great time together.  Sadly I forgot my camera, so we may have to go back today:)

Miss you all!


11 months :)

Hi everyone!  I am 11 months old now.  My mom forgot to post about my birthday because my sisters and I gave her to much laundry to do. :)  I am growing up fast, but my hair is not growing as fast as my body.  Some of my cousins still ask if I am a boy.  

I know how to do a lot of things by myself now.  I can say a few words and it makes mom and dad smile.  I like to say 'Hiiiiiiii' and 'ba bye' in a very high pitched voice.  I can say Daddy, but for some reason I can't get the word mommy out.  Whenever I want to say that word a big whine comes out.  I just don't understand it:)  I wave a lot and like to play with my sisters.  My new game that I enjoy playing is called 'I hand it to you and you give it back'.  We play this game a lot at my house and it makes me happy.

I hope you all miss me... I miss you!  


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