Monday, February 9, 2009

flies and helpers

Ali and Ava were allowed to help us paint a little bit the other day.  Here they are with their brushes and showing off their hard work.  They did great and had a blast!  
BELOW:  These are the latest thing for feed lot houses... fly tape.  Lots and lots of it:)  we are using it to decorate every room.  It I was a cow I would want someone to wrap me in this.
I will post pictures of our stinky friends later on.
A few funnies:  1) Ali calls the trucks that they haul 'fertlilizer' in the "poop trucks".  They run in and out of the feed lot all throughout the day.  "Cows poop too much."  - Ali Mae

2) Ali walked into this little house and said, "What a nice house!"  Paint peeling off the walls and dead flies everywhere - my girl put it into perspective for me!  It is a great house and we are truly thankful.  I can't wait to move in.

This is a great adventure for our family and I am sure that we will learn a lot!  We will post pics as we make progress!

love to all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


My new kitchen.  We are painting the cupboards white and the walls yellow. I will post new pics when that is done.

ABOVE: Sam replaced the bath tub because the old one had a large crack in it.  It was interesting, but he got it done.:)
BELOW:  This is how you get rid of an old stove country style:)

This is our huge uhaul and our little red house.  We were thankful to have about 5 guys to help us unload.  It went very quickly and now stuff is stacked every where in there as we try to paint etc:)  Praise the Lord that it all went smoothly and that we will have a place to live until our house sells.


We had great help when we packed the truck in Lincoln.  It was such a blessing!   Here are the boys taking a break.
Danielle is a wonderful friend.  She sent her kiddos to Sutton for 3 days and spent those three days at my house helping me pack.  I got a lot of great smiles from Mia, had a few more good times with my friend at our Lincoln house, and didns't have to stay up all night every night to be ready for the move.  Thanks bunches Danielle!This is a great moving picture.  Packing a uhaul is the worst.  Mike, who we love very much, was sick and not feeling good at all and still came over to help.  We have been blessed in so many ways by eh and j'net.  Thanks Mike!
J'net and Richard took over the packing on the inside of the truck.  Thanks so much!  My brain was all over the place on that day and I needed the help.  You guys made it go very smoothly and it was all in the same place when we got to Imperial! Yay!
The girls cleaning up the kitchen.  Lynsey, Danielle, and Sara German.  love you ladies!
It was a sad day.  Although there will be many great opportunities ahead of us in Imperial, it was hard to leave such good friends behind.  My brother was one of those friends... miss you Tom!

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