Saturday, January 31, 2009

last night....

It is our last night in our home in Lincoln.  Tomorrow we pack up and head west.  This will be my last post for awhile.  Thanks for all who have been sending encouragement and prayer our way.  It has been a sad time for us, but we are looking forward to new opportunity and new relationships.   Yes... it is 2 am and we still have work to do:)  Love to all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

more tears...

We had our last Monday night with our small group at church on Monday.  We are going to miss them sooooo much.  They have been there for us in so many ways over the last 4 years.  J'net made a photo album for us and the tears started.  I am so thankful to the Lord for being my comfort in this time of change for our family.  I am experiencing a lot of sadness, but I do not feel overwhelmed by it.  It is just sadness.  I am thankful for this emotion because it shows me that I have loved and been loved and that God is working in and through believers.  I will miss these people in so many ways, but I know that God is faithful and that he has a plan and a purpose much bigger than I can see.  My camera was out of batteries so I have no pictures of the flock... 

Tuesday morning tears...

Our preschool group meets on Tuesdays and today was our last day.  Karin hosted and there were 13 kiddos under 5. It was fun and so sad.  I love each of those kiddos very much and love and admire the moms.  I am thankful that during our time in Lincoln God provided moms that love him for me to share parenting and life stories with.  Here are a few - okay - a lot of pics from today!  Bekah brought a pinata and it was hilarious! :)  
My dear friend Danielle and Ali - there were tears from mom shortly after this pic...
Ava painting her cookies.
They were giving me their biggest smiles!
Ali doing her fingerprints...

Karin and her little students.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


this is the song that keeps going through my head...

"I am the church.  
You are the church. 
 We are the church together.  
All who follow Jesus, all around the world.  
Yes, we're the church together."

We are terribly sad to be leaving the believers we have come to know and love at Faith Bible Church.  We have been truly blessed to be guided and taught by many Godly men and women.  Our kids have been blessed by the loving teachers and the carefully selected curriculum in Sunday school.  We will greatly miss our flock. The people have become very close to our hearts and we love them each very much. We have watched it grow and change over the last few years... what a blessing and a growing experience for us.  

I know that God is faithful.  So, we look forward to change knowing that God is God.  We look forward to meeting new people and sharing life with others... taking the gospel to the ends of the earth ;) okay, to the end of Nebraska:)

For Justin and Laura

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