Monday, July 6, 2009


Colorado was a blast! Thanks Berkheims, Millhi, and my parents for joining us! I hope everyone had fun! Here are a few pics...

David, Justin, Sam and I hiked Quandary Peak while we were there. The boys all made it to the top, but I made to about 14,000 feet. My pride was hurting as I slid down the mountain in the snow, but my frozen feet and my queasy stomach were thanking me. It was really fun and next time we go... I WILL make it to the top and I will wear waterproof hiking boots.v:)
My studly husband:)
My hiking buddies...
The girls on their first hike together.
A really old tree.
I like Colorado and can't wait to go again... we are reserving the cabin for 2010.:)

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Laura said...

yay! i hope it's a friends and family event again next year. :) i really enjoyed spending time with you all!

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