Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Country girls!

It has been so nice out.  The girls have been filling buckets up with rocks, playing soccer, and going to feed the horses every day.  I have been running and walking every chance I get.  There is something so peaceful about running out with the cows and the corn:)
Here is Ali with her "feed lot boots" on and her soccer clothes.
This is our new friend Mr. T.  I am learning how to take care of horses and loving it.  The girls get to feed Mr. T and his friend Buddy all the time and they love it.  They let Mr. T lick their hands and I love watching it. :)
This is the house we are living in.  The smell is going away, but for some reason the mess isn't:)
Ali loves to fill her bucket up with rocks and then dump it into a big pile. She says she is getting her garden ready to plant.
Ava walks around outside and pretty much does nothing, but loves every second of it.  She is a happy girl and likes living by the cows.  She has taken to my friends horses and really likes spending time with them.  She just stares at them and talks to them.  It is pretty cute.


Leslie said...

I didn't realize how much I like the country, but I'm loving these photos and the thought of many fun things to do out with the cows! :) Looks like your family is adjusting well. So happy for you!!!!!

jnet said...

love the picture of ava.
love the "feed lot boots".
love seeing smiles.
love to hear you are adjusting and enjoying life.

Merrill & Jennifer said...

Hey Abby... looks like your girls are loving it out there! That's great. And how about you?

Photography by Abby said...

Abby- the girls look happy and beautiful! Country living looks so fun!!! I think the house is cute! Hope you are doing well, keep blogging! I love to read them!

Shanle's said...

love the pics of your girls!! so grown up and beautiful!! -sarah

Kathy said...

Love it Abby. So great!!!

Looking forward to more posts and updates on the fam. xo

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