Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ava's birthday (her second party... pics of the 1st will come soon)

Ava had 2+ parties for her birthday this year.  This is the only party I have pics of, but will post more soon.  Here she is opening presents. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she said she wanted a princess party.  She had a princess crown, cake, plates etc and loved it all.  It was great fun for us and a blessing to watch her enjoy herself!
Here she is attempting a swing at the pinata.  Her older cousins had to show her how to hold the bat.:)

Aria was the cutest guest at the party.  (Mom - this is the outfit Marge and Dave gave to Aria when she was born.)

And the princess cake... She loves frosting and this cake had plenty of it!

Happy Birthday to Ava!


Leslie said...

Abby, did you make that cake? It is adorable! Happy 3rd birthday sweet little gal!

jnet said...

happy birthday ava girl!!!! you look like you are 3 now!!!

Steph said...

Everything looks lovely, just like the bday girl!! Happy 3rd bday Ava!!!

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