Monday, February 9, 2009

flies and helpers

Ali and Ava were allowed to help us paint a little bit the other day.  Here they are with their brushes and showing off their hard work.  They did great and had a blast!  
BELOW:  These are the latest thing for feed lot houses... fly tape.  Lots and lots of it:)  we are using it to decorate every room.  It I was a cow I would want someone to wrap me in this.
I will post pictures of our stinky friends later on.
A few funnies:  1) Ali calls the trucks that they haul 'fertlilizer' in the "poop trucks".  They run in and out of the feed lot all throughout the day.  "Cows poop too much."  - Ali Mae

2) Ali walked into this little house and said, "What a nice house!"  Paint peeling off the walls and dead flies everywhere - my girl put it into perspective for me!  It is a great house and we are truly thankful.  I can't wait to move in.

This is a great adventure for our family and I am sure that we will learn a lot!  We will post pics as we make progress!

love to all!


Leslie said...

You are already beginning to make memories! That's what I love to see! :)

The Feather Files said...


Jeanette said...

lol! the fly paper made me laugh out loud. thanks for sharing abby! it all about attitude isn't it! keeping you in my prayers :)

Saul and Ashley said...

Ab, I love reading your blog. Your girls are just TOO CUTE! Good luck with everything. What a big chance but a wonderful one! Keep us updated!

jablott said...

Fun times...

painting with toddlers = goodbye perfectionism!

Sean nearly had a heart attack when I let Parker help paint Owen's room.....I went ahead and put Owen's crib in front of the part where Parker painted :)!

Glad to see the girls smiling....hope you are smiling too in your cute little red house on a feedlot. We need to talk soon, call me when you have a free moment....

love ya!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Ab! So great! It looks like you all are doing a fabulous job, so true, what great memories!

I love me little red houses. :)
(Our move in looked similar to yours...bugs and all!)

Thinking and praying for you all.

Laura said...

the girls look like they love painting!! i think they need to come help us! :) miss you guys. hope the repairs are nearly done so you gave move into your new home soon!

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