Friday, December 5, 2008

the alarm

It's 11:45 and we are both exhausted.  We are getting ready for bed, winding down and looking forward to rest.  It was a long, busy day and we are both exhausted.  Sam is going downstairs to sleep because Ali hadn't been feeling good and is in the guest bedroom.  All of the sudden we hear an alarm going off.  We both run out of the room... "oh, please don't wake anyone up."  At first we think it is the clock in Aria's room... check it... nope.  We run downstairs and it is so loud!  It's the smoke alarms..."hurry, take them out."  Sam takes one down and nothing happens.  As he stairs at the ceiling I yell to have him take the other one down.  The sound seems like it is getting louder and I am not looking forward to coaxing 3 little ladies back to sleep.(Guess I probably shouldn't have yelled:) We eliminate the smoke alarm idea and proceed to look for the carbon monoxide detector...hmmm it's not even plugged in... The sound was getting louder and louder and I am starting to think something is going to blow up.  We walk around the basement trying to find the source and finally decide it is coming from the wall by the computer hutch.  We start picking things up and looking under them... I pick up the girls cash register toy... the screeching 'alarm' gets louder.  Sam gets the look of fury on his face and I run upstairs to take the batteries out. 

Sam " Throw it away."
Abby "No, they love this toy.  I won't put the batteries back in it."
Sam "Throw it away"
Abby "Please... they love this toy."
Sam (look of fury going away) "Do not put batteries back in it"
Abby ... gets the giggles
Sam ... smiles
Abby... can't stop laughing

Now it is 12:15 and finally time to go to bed, but I can't stop laughing. :)

Praise the Lord for toys.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Justin and Laura

Click on me

Aria's pushups!

Children's Museum

Imperial Trip

Birthday Parties!

Princess Dance

Aria must be teething...