Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing Pains...

My baby Ali is growing up.  I went to check on her during rest time today and she was snuggled up under her blanket with one of her teddy bears (Penna:) - they still love those bears Laura!)
I wanted so badly to take a picture.  She is growing up.  I knew it would happen when I had her, but I am currently in denial.  She was so small when she was a baby.  She was sick... she was my first and I held her so much when she was a baby.  The Lord has used her to teach me so much about love in the last few years.  She's sweet, she's my little helper... just cherishing these moments as she changes.  I praise the Lord for this precious gift in my life. 

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Aria's pushups!

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Aria must be teething...