Friday, October 31, 2008

First Tooth!!!!!

After a lot of screaming... all night long... Aria has her first tooth!  Sorry, no picture of the tooth, but here's our little babe who is 7 months tomorrow!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Peter and the Wolf

Our preschool group attended the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra's Family concert event on Sunday.  They played the  music from Peter and the Wolf and there was a Puppet Co. that put on a puppet show to the music.  The music was wonderful.  I have forgotten how much I love music.  I love the kiddos CD's, but the orchestra was fantastic... brought tears to my eyes.  The puppet co.  changed the story to make it more modern, which was too bad, but the kiddos loved it!  Pictured below... 'Glenda' the duck,  Ali and Evan checking out the puppets after the show, the kiddos (minus Karin's kiddos), the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, and Ali and Drew.  It was a great day and a great experience for all of us.

For Justin and Laura

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Aria's pushups!

Children's Museum

Imperial Trip

Birthday Parties!

Princess Dance

Aria must be teething...