Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of spending time in Hastings, NE with family and friends.  I gave a few updates, but hadn't posted any pics, so check out the slide show towards the bottom of the page.  We were also in Imperial, but didn't come home with many pics because of craziness and sick kids.  Enjoy!


I left Aria alone in her bedroom for a few minutes today.  It sounded like she was a little frustrated, so I went in to check on her and this is where I found her:)  She had to scoot about 6 feet to get under the crib and I wasn't gone very long.  She is getting around pretty well these days!


Last weekend we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in KC.  It is a large hotel with a large indoor/outdoor waterpark and fun for all ages!  I was a pretty nervous mom going into the vacation because our kids have only 'swam' in an actual pool about 4 times.  I was also nervous because we were going to a busy place with 30 + people with the last name McNair (and a few McBrides).  Long story short... Ava almost drowned... ask her.  She ended up having a great time!  Ali was a bit timid at first, but soon wanted to go on the big slides and in the big pool with Dad.  Dad had a blast!  Of course!  Sammy loves all things action.  Mom had some rest time with Aria and battled the crankiness that comes with no sleep.:)  

We are home safe and sound and back to learning our numbers and letters, praying for patience, and learning how to be kind and use our words. :)  Here are a few pictures of the fish!

For Justin and Laura

Click on me

Aria's pushups!

Children's Museum

Imperial Trip

Birthday Parties!

Princess Dance

Aria must be teething...