Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are Aria's new tricks!  6 months!  She is a strong, happy, and healthy little girl.  What an amazing privilege it is to be her Mom.   She brings such joy to our home...  

She can sit up on her own and loves being at the same level as those crazy sisters of hers.

She can also do pushups and ride ponies :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Too much too tell....

I have too much to tell... we have been gone for 9 days and 10 nights.  Hastings was first.  We spent time with gma Pat and gpa Rannie :), Great Gma Louise, the Ablott/Reynolds crowd, and the Stutzmans.  We went the pumpkin patch and the Blue Moon and ate tons of good food with the grandparents.  Grandma Louise took us out for Runza kids meals.  It was fun.
Imperial was next.  We saw all the McNairs... there are lots:)  We ate good food, played with cousins, got our hairs cut (Aunt Kristi cut 4 inches off of Ali's long locks), and then everyone got sick. :)  So we took care of 3 sick babies, looked at a few houses, and , and , and .... We had all kinds of fun in both places and are resting today. :)  Praise the Lord for family and good friends.

Pictures will come soon....

For Justin and Laura

Click on me

Aria's pushups!

Children's Museum

Imperial Trip

Birthday Parties!

Princess Dance

Aria must be teething...