Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imperial Trip

Driving with kids can be a joy or it can be a lot of hard work and take a very long time:)  Aria was not pleased with the second half of this trip...  

Here's a summary...  We had a flat tire 10 minutes outside of Imperial.  Pat and Linda came to help us:)  and we rolled in a little after 11:00 Lincoln time.  The next day was spent taking care of tire stuff, doing a few rides, getting hairs cut, and playing with cousins.  Saturday was the Fun Run, the parade, the BBQ, more rides, and a concert.  Sam and I had a date night (concert and bingo) which was a blessing!  Sunday we had church, Bryn's bday party, Sam golfed, and then a relaxing night watching Olympics.  Monday brought the race to get the car (with new tire), get packed, say goodbyes, and get on our way.  Whew!  What a weekend.  Busy, but fun!  Check out the pics!

Visit to the Children's Museum

A few weeks ago I packed up the girls and went over to the Lincoln Children's Museum.  We had a great time there!  Aria slept most of the time and the other two ran around and checked everything, I mean everything out.  A few highlights from our trip.... "Ava, get in the back.... I'm driving.",  "Ava, I am bigger so I need to show you how to climb up here.", "Ava, you sit in this chair while I put on a show."  :)  Ava eventually walked away and did her own thing.  

I had a great mommy moment that day.  Ali wanted to play in the grocery store area.  It is set up just like a little store and it was a popular spot that day.  She filled up her cart and then patiently waited for 20-25 minutes for her turn at the cash register.  There was a little girl who was taking a LONG turn and Ali quietly went up, tapped her shoulder and said, "There are a lot of people waiting... could you finish your turn please."  I just about started crying.  She kept looking up to the front of the line. So cute. Just standing there waiting to pretend to check out.  I loved every minute of it! Praise the Lord.

While Ali was doing this, Ava was picking up every little Lego (that some crazy kids had thrown all over the place) she could find while repeatedly saying, "Let's get ornganized."  (No, I did not spell it wrong, that's how she says it.)  I love raising kids.  What a privilege and a blessing.  I would not choose to do anything else.

Aria was a champ.  Praise the Lord!


Indescribable, uncontainable, awestruck I fall to my knees as i humbly proclaim.... You are amazing God.  I am continually amazed at the beauty of God's creation.  I see it every day in my children and so many things around me.  The picture of the sky on the right was taken on the way back from Omaha on I-80.  love it love it

long time no post...

We are still here and very much alive and well.  We went out of town, I got sick, Ali got sick... now we are on the mend and I think I'll start posting again.  Here are a few catch up photos and moments from the last few weeks.

For Justin and Laura

Click on me

Aria's pushups!

Children's Museum

Imperial Trip

Birthday Parties!

Princess Dance

Aria must be teething...