Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing Pains...

My baby Ali is growing up.  I went to check on her during rest time today and she was snuggled up under her blanket with one of her teddy bears (Penna:) - they still love those bears Laura!)
I wanted so badly to take a picture.  She is growing up.  I knew it would happen when I had her, but I am currently in denial.  She was so small when she was a baby.  She was sick... she was my first and I held her so much when she was a baby.  The Lord has used her to teach me so much about love in the last few years.  She's sweet, she's my little helper... just cherishing these moments as she changes.  I praise the Lord for this precious gift in my life. 


Laura said...

awww. :)
we might have her cheering for Penn State yet! But second to Nebraska, i promise i'll keep Justin from taking her to the blue side completely!

Leslie said...

They do grow up way too fast. It's such a cliche but so very true. Incredible blessings! Children are amazing gifts from the Lord!!!!

Fisher Family said...

Abby, they do grow way to fast. Enjoy every minute you have with them... And Im so ok with the whole arranged marriaged thing. : ) Your girls are so sweet and gorgeous.

Aimee Mohr said...

Abby I could not agree little baby is 6 and my other little baby is 2! They are so precious and so innocent! We always have to remember that they are on loan to us from God and eventually we have to let them fly and grow up!

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