Friday, October 31, 2008

First Tooth!!!!!

After a lot of screaming... all night long... Aria has her first tooth!  Sorry, no picture of the tooth, but here's our little babe who is 7 months tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Happy 7 months sweet babe...

Who'd a thought that sweet face had those pipes? =)

jablott said...

She can't be 7 months old already! I hope she is feeling better and sleeping better for you at night. And I have such a hard time believing that she can scream after hearing her "screams and cries" at my house....that is just a cooing noise! We need to talk soon.......

Oh, Happy Halloween....remember when we dressed up like bag ladies and we wore those huge boots and you tripped and fell really bad! I was thinking of that today and laughing....out loud laughing ......was it really that long ago?!?!? Where has the time gone? love ya.

and give me the link to those pictures you had taken when you get it. i wanna see them!

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