Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are Aria's new tricks!  6 months!  She is a strong, happy, and healthy little girl.  What an amazing privilege it is to be her Mom.   She brings such joy to our home...  

She can sit up on her own and loves being at the same level as those crazy sisters of hers.

She can also do pushups and ride ponies :)


Kathy said...

Oh Abby! She's getting so big! She is adorable!

It goes too fast!!!

I'm looking forward to hearing when you and the ladies can come visit the 'stead again!

Nicole said...

How sweet and adorable!

Shanle's said...

I can't believe she was doing a "pushup!" That's hilarious! I'm loving it... Brode is starting to do much better at sitting up now too, with help of course =) Happy 6 monther, baby girl!

The Feather Files said...

Love the pushups! Hilarious. I can do lunch anytime this week. Let me know.

SS said...

Oh, that is toooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! Sandra H

Leslie said...

The push ups are great, and the commentary is classic! I love to hear your voice Abby! :) Way to encourage!!!!!

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