Monday, September 8, 2008

Talk to me

Please leave comments.  I love your comments.


Richard and Heather said...

Oh I like your updates. I think every picture made me smile. And that video made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your girls with us, by the way. I love to spend time with them.

Laura said...

how fun that you have mommy-daughter dates while the daddy-daughter date is happening! very cute baking pic with ali. :)

Jen Stutzman said...

Wow, I so wish Marya and I could be a part of your preschool group. love you

Nicole said...

A few thoughts...

Love that your family has date night with daddy!!!

Love the video of Aria biting your cute!

And love all the other pictures!!!!


Kathy said...

I too love the date night!!!

I have those with my boys too!

Love the the family...can't wait till you guys are able to hang at the 'stead!

jablott said...

I was laughing out loud at the video of Aria biting you.....not b/c she was biting you, but because Ali laughing soooooo hard is contagious :)! Miss you and your girls and hope to get to Lincoln soon. Love, jess

Richard and Heather said...

whoa! a new look. And I like it!

Leslie said...

Your family is beautiful! I love the picture of you and Ali baking. That's classic! It's so fun to read your stories. Aren't experiences with kids the greatest? :)

Jen Stutzman said...

Thank you for finally putting up so pictures of yourself. I love seeing your beautiful face!!! Thank you for calling me it always means so much. You are a very special friend. Know that I am praying for you.
love you

Sara Aadland said...


Your girls are beautiful and look just like you!!! It is so good to see all the pics. It would be great to get together and I would love to meet all your little ones!


jablott said...

Aria's new face is priceless....hahahha.....and tell Sam congrats on getting the storm door in.

You know how we were talking the other day about never hearing the name Aria until after you named Aria.....well, I was at the store and heard someone call their little girl Aria....and I laughed. Your Aria is the cutest though, by far! love, jess

Jason, Heidi, Kade & Karlie said...


Kristi shared your page with me, so now it is one of my fave blogs I like to check out when I get a minute! I have enjoyed your posts, your family is darling!!


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