Friday, September 19, 2008

strong baby

I walked into the living rm a few mintues ago where Aria had been sitting and playing and guess what I saw........ (did you guess?)  She was standing up next to this cube toy we have and holding on for dear life:)  How fun!  She pulled herself up on those strong little legs.  Guess she wants to catch up with those sisters of hers.  I love having kids.
Sorry - camera was downstairs, but it did happen.


Laura said...

how exciting! we can't wait to see Aria's new skills! :)

Shanle's said...

Oh my goodness! That's unbelievable!! Little Brode isn't quite that strong yet =)

Leslie said...

I knew your kids were so advanced in their skills! :)

Laura said...

love your new background! i almost used this same one on my blog. :) great minds think alike! :)
have a great time with family this weekend.

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