Friday, July 18, 2008

We were shopping at the Fort for boots and a hat for Ali and Ava today and had some pretty funny things happen.  First of all... Ali picked up a little (hem hem) naughty looking figurine off of a shelf and asked if we could get it for the top of her cake. (She's having a cowgirl birthday.) The salesperson about wet her pants laughing:)  

While I was helping a screaming Aria, Ava wet her pants and proceeded to take off her panties and shorts and hand them to me resulting in 1 half-naked child, 1 screaming child, and one in boots that were 3 sizes to big.  I wanted to take a picture or video or something.  I cried with Aria instead:)

Yeeee Haw!


kathy said...

So dang funny!

Outings are always fun (kinda, kinda not)

Love the blog girl!

Grammy Pat said...

To my darling daughter. I am so glad you have a sense of humor. Children give us a sense of humor, you gave me mine!(should I tell about the time your dad dressed you for church?) ACTUALLY, what's so funny about taking off your pants when they are wet? Seems smart to me! You now have a job--entertaining me daily!!!!!!
love you-----momma Chick

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