Friday, July 18, 2008

One of those days...

Today is one of those days.  90% of the time I love my 'job' and am pretty good at. (by the grace of God) 10% of the time I wish I was somewhere else because I am selfish and horrible at what I do.  I am just praying that those little girls will grow up to be kind, gentle women who know and love the Lord.  Pray with me:)  

Because I am truly thankful for my beautiful girls I will post a picture:)


Grandpa Pat and Grandma Linda said...

You are a wonderful mom !!!!
Wish I could say I was a bad mom only 10% of the time- please don't ask my boys. Just pray for a blocked memory. Your girls and husband are so blessed to have you.
And we are so thenkful !!!!
G. Linda

Stephandherboys said...

Your girls are going to be amazing women someday - can't wait to see them grow and change .....

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