Monday, July 21, 2008


This morning I woke up and made my list for the week, looked at my calendar, and tried my best to prepare myself for what was to come.  Most of you know me fairly well and know that I am not the best housekeeper.  I am pretty unorganized, never do things in the right order, and have a hard time completing tasks.  I have been working on improving the way that I run our household because it really impacts every part of our lives.  I often reflect on the Proverbs 31 woman and all that she accomplished.  She worked hard, she was efficient, and so much  more.  The kicker for me is that she was wise and kind in all that she did.  Sometimes I get a lot done, but am cranky in the process.  Other times I don't get anything done, but have a blast teaching and playing with the girls.  I am trying to learn balance in that.  Most importantly, I am trying to set aside times to reflect and be with the Lord so that I can grow into a woman who fears the Lord and speaks wise and kind words.  So next time you are at my house you can check my attitude, how clean the house is, and  how I am doing with the girls and Sam.  :)  

My victory today is that I made a long list of realistic things to do and have already checked half of them off.  They are even fully completed:)  

Happy Day.


kathy said...

Good for you Ab!

I'm right there with you in the battle my friend..right there with ya...

Jennifer said...

you inspired me to get on it. I am wanting to have a few days to do nothing since we just got back but then I will have so much catchup God does not say we get breaks. love you

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