Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Summer Days

There's nothing better than filling up the pool and having KoolAid on a hot summer day.  Here are the girlies through my dirty back door:)


Ranny said...

Better to be in the cool mountain air than in the pool.


Laura said...

cute pic! i love your blog. it's so fun to see your pictures. :)

Richard and Heather said...

i hear its super yucky hot there...please tell me they're wrong :) - yeah right, july in nebraska could be nothing else.

yesterday, someone asked us what nebraska is known for or what they produce. we said, "corn." by the look on her face, i had to wonder if she even knew what corn was!

kathy said...

So adorable Abby! Seriously!

I am however, ready to be done with the "dog days" of summer..

I'm also ready to hear some dates when you're available to come and hang out at the homestead...


(I think your dad just wrote a Haiku)

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