Saturday, July 26, 2008

bounce, bounce, bounce

Yesterday I was at a garage sale and saw two big balls with handles on them for the girls to bounce on.  They were covered with a stuffed animal thing that looks like a horse.  I debated about whether or not to get them for the girls... they were only $3.00 a piece and they looked like they would provide hours of fun.  I decided not to get them.  We have sooo many toys and Ali's birthday is next weekend....

When Sam came home I sent him down the street to look at the garage sales because there were a few grills I thought he might be interested in.  Guess what he came home with.  :)  The squeals of delight thrilled Sam and it was all fun to watch.  The girls have bouncing around ever since.  They have also put their bouncy ball horses down for naps a few times:)  

I often contemplate how to teach the girls to have thankful hearts.  We have so much more than we need and we are able to go and do many things.  We have family that gives, gives, gives.  At first my answer was try to control how much they get from people and when they get it.  I am slowly realizing that I need to let people give to the girls and then make sure that I am praying for their hearts, teaching them about gift giving and why people like to give them gifts, and being a good example in their lives.

As Ali frequently says in her prayers, "Thank you God for this good day, and for all of the things you gived us..."


Grandpa Pat and Grandma Linda said...

Too much fun !!!!!! Boy do I miss those girls ( and their parents of course). Got their dance moves from their Grandpa Pat-ha,ha ! Great job Abby- thanks for sharing.
Can't wait until next week. Hugs to all.
Love ya, ME

Grammy Pat said...

Love those outfits....remember another little dancer(: I laughed today---your dad looked up Haiku(: Tell your friend Kathy it was almost a Haiku.Keep the pictures coming....what fun!

Richard and Heather said...

those horses are awesome. Can I come over and play with them?

Elevate said...

I say burn all of the toys!! Okay, just kidding, kind of. love you

Jen Stutzman said...

I think those horses were a great buy. Marya would love them. She was just looking at them this morning.

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